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Caven S. McLoughlin
September 5, 2001
The Supreme Court of Ohio, Board of Commissioners on Grievance and Discipline
Jonathan W. Marshall, Secretary to the Board
41 South High Street, Suite 3370
Columbus, OH 43215-3461
Dear Jonathan W. Marshall:
It is my hope that you will convey to the members of the Board my positive regard for the work they do, and specifically for the balanced advocacy represented in the work of Mr. Kevin P. Roberts, Esq. I specifically write to commend to your attention Mr. Roberts who I believe has served me and the people of Ohio well in his work related to the proceedings before this Board in the case of J. Andrew Keplar. Mr. Keplar was, until recently, a practicing attorney from Hamilton County who defrauded several of his clients (including me) of significant sums of money, and caused a deal of complex problems by wrecking financial portfolios.
Kevin Roberts pursued closure in the case of Keplar with diligence and attention to detail. He did not grandstand nor did he seek to make a 'name' for himself at others' expense. His approach is solidly fair and balanced~~and, when he says that he will work on a task, however apparently insignificant~~the work gets done. Over a two-year period there was no faltering on his part, no reduction in intensity of effort, and a full-court press to achieve satisfaction.
Mr. Roberts presents as a personable, approachable, splendid listener; and advocate who appeared sincerely interested in reaching a just resolution in the Keplar case.
My image of the legal profession has necessarily been rocked to its foundation by contact with an attorney who brought me a emotional pain and significant and enduring financial hardship. Nonetheless, Kevin Roberts has caused me to see first-hand an entirely different approach to the practice of law. I trust you recognize Kevin Roberts' ambassadorial qualities. He serves you and Ohio with dignity and results.
Caven S. McLoughlin