Disability claims

I take the time you need to help you understand the complicated Social Security disability process, and to listen to you explain what's wrong so that I can understand all of the challenges you are facing in your life. I take time to follow up with your questions and make sure that you are fully informed and can make good decisions about the claims that may affect the rest of your life. My practice works diligently to help you gather all of the important medical and personal information that supports your claim. We review this information with you prior to your hearing to ensure that no important information has been overlooked. We also take the time to sit down with you to explain what the hearing process is, what to expect in the hearing, and how best to handle your concerns for a smooth and successful hearing. During the hearing, I vigorously advocate for your claims based on a complete understanding of your individual medical and vocational issues and the Social Security rules and regulations that govern the hearing and decisional process. Following the hearing, we follow up with you to resolve any payment difficulties, or to further pursue appeals that may be needed. Our goal is to know that, in each case, we have done all that can be done to ensure the success of your claim.